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Hi, I'm Jeff. I'm passionate about finding solutions for today's problems while identifying and optimizing for short, medium and long-term growth and strategic oppurtunities.

Professional Skills

JavaScript 90%
Node.js 90%
PostgreSQL 90%
OpenResty (NGINX) 90%
Cloud Architecture 88%
Thinking outside the box 120%

Work Experience

2015 - PRESENT


Senior Engineer

  • Implemented a Node.js module that streams real-time database changes from MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB and Redis using their built-in replication protocols for low-latency and minimal overhead.
  • Moved sessions and authentication into NGINX (OpenResty) allowing stateless microservices to trust incoming connections.
  • Developed a hybrid approach to event sourcing using temporal relational tables to minimize data loss during conversion to an append-only data schema.
  • Engineered a polyglot stack with multiple databases and languages with both strong and eventual consistency as needed.
2013 - 2015


Software Developer

Designed and developed click-to-dial plugins for Chrome, Firefox and Safari:
  • Implemented non-destructive phone number tagging in dynamically loaded content and nested iframes.
  • Created Grunt tasks to automate build, packaging and development workflows.
  • Abstracted away differences in browser APIs by implementing an event hub in < 1KB of compressed code.
  • Engineered a solution to sign Safari packages on Linux
Worked on a team of 10 developers to convert a 350 screen legacy PHP app in 6 months:
  • Developed a real-time call center dashboard using XMPP, jQuery and Knockout.js.
  • Tasked with converting the most visited screens in the web app including: login, home and dashboard.
  • Modernized the orders and proposals workflow which is critical for revenue generation.
  • Created reusable UI widgets and JavaScript components to rapidly implement new features globally.
2014 - PRESENT


Contract Developer

  • Automated export of student grades from a legacy ASP.NET application using PhantomJS and Node.js.
  • Integrated with Google Apps for SSO and syncing of local users and groups using OAuth2.
2012 - 2013

String Theory Schools


  • Saved $300,000 in first year infrastructure costs by engineering an open source networking stack.
  • Engineered a web content filter for 1:1 iPad deployment at 1/10th the cost of comparable solutions.
  • Automated Google Apps administration using Python, Selenium and Node.js where Google’s API fell short.
  • Migrated legacy systems to LDAP with custom schemas to provide SSO. (Python, Atlassian Crowd)
2011 - 2012



  • Compiled a nationwide database of home improvement contractors with 99% accuracy.
  • Created a client-side help system that generates “point-in-time” help omitting steps already taken.


1997 - 2016

Autodidact / Lifetime Learner

  • 1997 Coded BASIC on Apple II in 2nd Grade
  • 1998 Got our first family computer
  • 2000 Started computer salvage business on eBay [Proof]
  • 2003 Bootstrapped web hosting business with computer salvage earnings (Linux/PLESK) [Proof]
  • 2004 Helped compile the world's largest video game cheat code database (PHP/MySQL) [Proof]

2010 - 2012

Business Management / Graphic Information Systems

West Chester University of Pennsylvania

⏸ 18 Credits Remaining 85%


  • September 7, 2012

    Jeff is a bundle of energy and one of the most creative persons I've met. He's a joy to brainstorm with, and is not afraid to speak his mind. He is loyal, positive, and will try to produce the perfect solution to the problem…

    Adrian Talapan
    Adrian Talapan Co-Founder, CEO at Haystack Informatics


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